Home Visits

Due to your belief in HSA and your continuous support, we currently have a great school to present to others and HSA is a strong alternative in quality education in Dayton. We also have a strong presence in the community; your community, which fosters positive relationships, mutual respect, trust, and responsibility.

In order to continue to show our dedication and commitment to your family and your child’s education; we would like to visit your family. We are looking forward to learning from you, your child’s most valued educator, on how to better work with your family. We want to continue to support your child as they continue to progress forward in their quest to earn a quality education.

We believe that our visit will prove that we are committed to your family and want to work together with you to further your child’s success.  I will visit your house along with a colleague to express to you our overall progress as a school.  We will present you with a folder that will further your understanding of the school you have chosen to further educate your child.  Please understand at this time, we will not present you with personal information about your child’s performance. If you would like to do so please attend the upcoming parent teacher conferences or schedule appointments with your child’s individual teachers.