Vex Robotics Regional Competition

Our Robotics team RoboHawks participated in Vex regional tournament on February 22nd. VEX Competitions bring STEM skills to life by tasking teams of students with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. There were 46 teams to compete with each other at Mad River Middle School for […]

CYSP had a ball at the Dayton Art Institute

CYSP had a ball at the Dayton Art Institute this Saturday. We watched a play by Phillitia Charlton called “The Death of A Lie,” which is a “poetic diary that expresses the lies women tell themselves in search of hapiness.” The acting was phenomenal. One of the students said, ” I cried four times.”    […]

HSA Students Launched the Water Rockets

Mr. Omer’s class recently completed a foray into water rocket design. Water rockets work as follows: The body of the rocket is an empty, plastic, two-liter soda bottle. Cardboard or balsa fins are attached to the bottom of the bottle for stability, and a fairing and nose cone are added to the top as a […]

NASA Engineer Kobie Boykins visited Horizon

HSA Dayton High School had a special guest visitor on Tuesday February 5, 2019, Kobie Boykins, whose expertise is higher than the sky. Kobie came to us from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, or JPL, in Pasadena, California, where he is a senior mechanical engineer for the Mars Rovers projects. He loves building flight hardware and […]

Field Trip to Hobart Welding

Today, 11 of our seniors took a trip to Hobart Institute of Welding in Troy, Ohio. They were shown the different parts of the facility, such as classrooms and welding booths, as well as a gallery dedicated to the history of welding (dates back to 4000 BC in Egypt!) and the Hobart family. There was […]