More Information about CCP from Sinclair College

As we look towards the 2021-2022 academic year, we want to make sure our students and families have opportunities to review all of the College Credit Plus information from both the State of Ohio and Sinclair,  in order to make solid decisions for the next school year.

To help with this we are hosting several Virtual CCP Information Presentations as well as a series of Question & Answer sessions.  We hope that these will provide our students and families with all of the information needed to be successful with CCP.  

Please see the link below where students/families can register for one of these events.  We wanted to make you aware of these so that you can share this link on your school website, social media or directly with students who may have an interest in learning more about CCP.

The link below will take them directly to the registration site.


As always please feel free to email your CCP coordinator or with any questions.

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