Success Stories

Concept schools (our management company) was included in an extensive study conducted by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University. The study, released in January 2013, covered longitudinal (5-year) performance of 176 Charter Management Organizations, 38 Education Management Organizations, and individual charter schools. Concept stands out in the study as one of the highest-performing EMO’s in the 25 states that the CREDO study covered. In regards to poverty level, percentage of minority students, and the number of total students, Concept may easily be considered the highest-performing EMO in both math and reading. The CREDO report may be found at
In 2009 and 2012 respectively, Horizon Cleveland High School and Horizon Columbus High School received the National Blue Ribbon School Award, a prestigious award given to successful schools by the U.S. Department of Education. Horizon Cleveland was one of the 10 charter schools nationwide and the only charter school from Ohio, out of 350, to receive the award. Horizon Columbus High School is the only charter school in Ohio to receive the 2012 National Blue Ribbon Award.
Horizon Cleveland High School has also made the list of “Best High Schools in America,” created by the S. News & World Report, twice, in 2008 and 2010.
Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School received the “Distinguished Title I School” by The National Association of State Title I Directors in 2009.
Noble Academy Cleveland was the only charter school in Ohio, out of 350, to be rated “Excellent with Distinction” by the Ohio Department of Education in 2010.
Three of the Horizon Science Academy made the annual “Schools of Promise” list released by the Ohio Department of Education thus far. These were: HSA Cleveland High, HSA Columbus High, and HSA Toledo High.
Chicago Math and Science Academy, managed by Concept Schools since 2004, was the highest-performing, non-selective public school in the city of Chicago based on their PSAE scores in 2008. CMSA is the top 14th non-selective high school in the city based on the 2013 test scores out of 90+ high schools.
4 of the Concept-managed high schools in Ohio were rated “Excellent” by the Ohio Department of Education in 2012. Only 15% of the 350 charter schools in Ohio received the “Excellent” rating.
Both IMSA-West and IMSA-North have been rated “Exemplary” based on their student growth by the Indiana Department of Education in 2012.
HSA Cleveland Middle School was featured in a report, “Needles in a Haystack,” by the Thomas Fordham Institute in 2010. The report identified 8 outlier schools that “showed significant achievement for disadvantaged youngsters from depressed inner-city communities.”
The first charter school student to compete at the INTEL International Science Fair was an HSA Cleveland High School student.
In 2013, Gateway Science Academy is one of the highest-performing charter schools in St. Louis.
Michigan Math and Science Academy was the highest-performing school in its region by earning an “A” on its annual report card by the Michigan Department of Education in 2011.
HSA Denison Middle School robotics team won the Champion’s Award at Hathaway Brown Regional Robotics Competition in Cleveland in 2011. The Champion’s Award covers the best robot design and programming, performance, project, core values, and professionalism.
In 2012, the Horizon Cincinnati Robotics Team won the state championship and participated in the World championship, held in St. Louis, Missouri, in April 2012.
In 2008, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School student Edward Capps won the gold medal in the International Environmental Project Olympiad in Azerbaijan.

Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School is committed to the success of our students, providing them with an innovative education and unique opportunities that lead to impressive results. Check out our students’ and school’s incredible educational and extracurricular accomplishments.

Jasmine Best – “My old school was hostile, I didn’t learn as much, or feel respected, but Horizon is different.  The teachers have helped me more than anything.  Here at HSA, I have kept my eyes on the prize – my diploma, going to college, and my future.  I participate in IMP (Ivy League Mentor Program) and I love it.  It is a big opportunity to help get into college and I think all kids should be able to participate in IMP.  I want to go to an Ivy League school to be an OB-GYN and after I have my doctorate I want to open my own clinic. I also want to use my profession to travel and help others.”

Quote for front: “Teachers push you to do your best; you gotta be ready to learn.”


Sambs – “I like learning about everything.  Some teachers at my old school were mean, but all of the teachers here are nice.  The other students are my friends and they help me.” Bara

“I like learning Math.  Everyone here at HSA is nice and I am not the only one who is different; everyone is different.” Seydina

“I like participating in after school activities, soccer is my favorite.” Doudou

Quote for front: “I am not the only one who is different; everyone is different.”


Smiths – “HSA teachers make sure that we understand the material that is taught.  They do not progress too quickly with new information and really take time to build a foundation of comprehension.  There are so many activities here for us to do – sports, clubs, tutoring, and fieldtrips.” Alexxis HSA has a robotics team that participates in competitions around the United States. “I have learned how to integrate technology into building a robot and I enjoy going to the competitions.  At the competitions I get to see what other students have created, as well as admire the Science facilities.” Aundree

Quote for front: “Uniforms at Horizon allow students to feel free of judgment based on fashion trends; there is a happy atmosphere here.” Jasmine


Torres, Meza, Hernandez – “The best thing about HSA is that the facilities incorporate technology into our education.  This technology has benefitted our family in our ongoing ELL (English Language Learner) education.  This support has really helped us with the required standardized testing.”

Quote for front: “We feel that the schools have a family atmosphere, we are happy to have our younger siblings attending the same schools.”


Emmanuel Miller – “When I came to HSA I met lots of people and made friends.  At my old school the kids were mean and did not care about their teachers.  Here the teachers help students more and this builds a more caring relationship.  I participate in IMP, as well as compete in school sponsored competitions.  This year I participated in MathCon, which helped me to face my fears of being around large amounts of people.  It also allowed me to showcase my Math ability, which is the subject I most enjoy and flourish in.”

Quote for front: “Participating in MathCon helped me to face my fears.”