Rep. Rezabek Visit HSA

Representative Jeffery S. Rezabek came to tour HSA Dayton on March 10th,2017! Jeff Rezabek is the Representative of the 43rd district of the Ohio House of Representatives. He was happy to see hands-on, student-centered education in HSA Dayton High School. He also met HSA Parents.One of our parents couldn’t make it to the program but sent the lettler below.








“March 9, 2017
Good Morning:
As a parent of students at Horizon Science Academy, High School and Elementary; I wanted to take a moment to share something very close to my heart.
I very much wanted to be in attendance for our visit from Representative Rezabek. However, I am unable due to a scheduled appointment at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for my daughter Fatimah.
Both of our children have been students at Horizon Science Academy for several years. We have stayed with Horizon for many different reasons and this has proven to be one of the best decisions we could have made for them. They began as eager, ready to learn children and have grown into eager, ready to learn young adults who look forward to their future.
Horizon is more than a school. Its teaching staff and administration are much more than educators. They are “family” that show an invested interest not limited to the education of our children, but their emotional growth, well-being, and future plans.
Currently, Horizon is assisting us and meeting the needs of our 17-year old daughter. At the present time, our daughter has been unable to attend her classes due to health issues. You must understand, our daughter loves school, loves learning, and strives to always give her best effort. Needless to say, missing out on class time was a great concern to her as well as ourselves. Horizon met this challenge head on, quickly, and decisively. To assure that Fatimah would not miss out, would not have to be withdrawn from school, and in turn not be able to advance to 12th grade; her teachers prepared her assignments that she would be missing while out. She is able to do her class work at home, can contact her teachers through telephone or email if necessary, and one of her teacher’s, Mr. Oktay Ince, comes twice a week to our home. He sits with Fatimah, goes over assignments, offers explanations, and fields questions that she may have. He takes from his own time for our daughter in a time when many educators in our nation’s schools are off the clock when the bell rings. He and our “Horizon Family” are truly invested in her and we cannot begin to offer our sincere gratitude.
Fatimah’s health is improving and she will be able to return to Horizon very soon. She is excited to get back and see her friends and Horizon Family.
I thank you for giving me this opportunity to still be present, to be able to share with Representative Rezabek and all others that may be in attendance for his visit to our school, our experience with Horizon.
Finally, Thank You to Mr. Hakan and Mrs. Berlean and All Horizon Educators and Staff. Our children will make you proud and you will see in them the fruits of your labor!
Thank you.”
Angela Winert
5th and 11th grade parent

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