Pilot David Hasse visited HSA Dayton HS

David Hasse a pilot from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Sinclair Community College paid a visit to Ms. Rowe’s 9th grade science classes on Friday April, 17th 2015. He serves as a flight instructor at the college and as the president of the Aviation club. Students have been studying motion and forces as they apply to flight physics throughout the week. Mr. Hasse was able to bring flight physics to life for the students right in their classroom. He passed around engine parts and demonstrate for the students Bernoulli’s principle by balancing a ping pong ball in mid air with a hair dryer. The students were captivated as Mr. Hasse told them a story about how his knowledge of physics saved his life when his engine ran out of fuel during one his routine flights. He said “an understanding of physics, problem solving skills, and loads of grace and mercy” helped him safely crash land the plane. Students got to ask him questions about becoming a pilot and found that the age requirement for lessons is only 15 years old. Students were very excited to have this interactive experience and where encouraged in their studies of physics.

flight instructor1 flight instructor2 Guest Hasse Guest speaker David Hasse demo Guest speaker David Hasse

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