Parent Rally in Columbus

Parent Rally in Columbus

September 16, 2014


Our parent rally in Columbus was so very powerful!  We had a massive amount of parents from all over the State of Ohio.  There were families and administrators all the way from Chicago.  I was truly honored and pleased with this entire event.

We marched along the streets of downtown Columbus from the State Building to the Board of Education (roughly 2 blocks).  Our parents wore their shirts proudly, while smiling, chanting (my child, my school, my choice), and holding huge handmade signs.  Most importantly, we were standing as one.  People were stopping in their vehicles and allowing us to march.  Folks were smiling, waving and taking pictures of us.  I believe we had a motorist blow her horn on our behalf. (She was smiling)

Once we arrived to the Board, we stood on the steps and/or landing holding our signs high in the air.  We had a parent from Cleveland using a bullhorn to lead the chanting and testimonies of any parent who was willing to give one.   There were so many parents who spoke about their experience with Horizon.  Some were so emotional they were in tears, and had those listening in tears as well.  We stood strong clapping, cheering and waving our signs proudly!

Lunch was plentiful and delicious, the atmosphere was amazing, and the weather was on our side!  This event was sponsored by Concept Schools

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