October 2017 STEM activities


Our students from Mr. Oktay’s and Mr. Omer’s classes participated in two STEM field activities the last couple of weeks. We had over 50 students involvement.
We have visited “Emmerson Helix Innovation Center” at the University of Dayton where students had a chance to discuss recent engineering developments on climate technologies with engineers, engaged high tech innovations while they were touring. We also visited “Boonshoft museum” (whole day) where students engaged STEM activities at the museum, participated Climate change lecture presented by a professor from University of Dayton, watched science on sphere display. Another activity we have done last Saturday school led by Mr. Omer was rocket demonstration. Mrs. Mauk’s husband was the one who lectured and demonstrated to our students. -Thank you, Mrs. Mauk, for coming with your husband for the demonstration.
Planned future STEM activities for the Month of November and December are the following, more to come stay tuned!
Study Camp at Buck Creek State Park (2 days) University of Dayton, Department of Engineering