Ron Adler, OCQE President met with Mr. Hakan, Director of Horizon Science Academy high school and Ms. Lierly, Director of Horizon Science Academy-Elementary School and their teachers.




Adler said, “We work very closely with all our member schools throughout the year, as well as, their students and parents.  Today, as staff and teachers prepared for a new school year, I was invited to join in their professional development session.”

“All of the Horizon and Noble Acadmies are managed by Concept Schools and are highly focused on the success of their students.  The teachers that I met today are excited about the new school year and the new students they will welcome to their classrooms in just a few days.  Mr. Hakan and Ms. Lierly noted that they have strong support from their parents and expect full student enrollment for the new school year.”


Congratulations to Horizon Science Academy – and all Ohio public charter schools — 

making a difference in the lives of their students!

August 7, 2014 

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