Montgomery County Science Day

On March 7, 2015, Horizon students participated at Montgomery Science Day with their projects in Dayton Convention Center. Following students received awards:

Cihan Bagcioglu : Magnetic Accelerator 1 st place

Fehmi Zengince : Why some bridges are stronger than others, 2 nd place

Songül Mursalova :Crime Scene Cool Blue Light, 2nd place

Fatimah Gula :Seizures in the brain and affects the movement of the human body, 2nd place

Makhmud Makhmudov : Determination of polypeptide sequence and calculation of its weight, 2nd place

Murad Aliyev: Amount of Ozone in Different Areas, 3rd place.

A great appreciation came from the program coordinator:

Your students are very impressive and very polite.  I enjoyed talking with them and am amazed at what they have accomplished at this age.  I asked my husband if he had the privilege of judging any of the students from Horizon Science Academy and he mentioned that he judged one of your students and said he was quite impressed with the project and the student.  We would be honored to have your students participate again next year and look forward to it.

Gloria J. Hardy

Director, Montgomery County Science Fair

Deputy Program Manager

University of Dayton Research Institute


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