HSA Dayton HS had its fall IMP parent dinner on October 30, 2014. Several families and teachers attended to celebrate the start of another school year. Mr. Hakan-Principal, Mr. Toprak-Regional Advance Program Coordinator and Mrs. Harris- IMP coordinator explained the program details and the expectations for the new school year. IMP stands for Ivy League Mentorship program. Parents are expected to realize that:

1.      Now expectations are higher for IMP parents as well since your child is recognized as an advance learner. You need to be working harder with your child.

2.      IMP student’s academic needs are higher because they have the bigger potential. They need to be supported so they can improve better. Parent should show their support in every way possible

3.      We have a lot to do. In order to get things done timely and surely, we need a good monitoring system for IMP students. Please be involved with this process and have some time to sit and talk with your IMP child about their academic progress regularly.

Our ultimate goal for our IMP students is to get them accepted for colleges with lots of scholarships and also help them to develop skills so they can stay and finish their colleges as productive citizens. It is because they are our future.

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