Horizon Science Academy Dayton Hosts Community Breakfast

Dayton, OH   January 27, 2015 – On Friday, January 23 Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary hosted a Community Breakfast entitled “A New Year, A New You.”  HSA – Dayton Elementary wanted to inspire its community members and parents to start their new year off in a positive way!

Many community members were invited with the focus being on those in the healthcare field and members of religious organizations.   Parents from all three Dayton schools – Dayton Elementary, Dayton High, and Dayton Downtown were also invited.   It is always very important to involve parents with community members!  We also had students attend the breakfast, which gives community members a chance to get to know our excellent students.  At least fifty people attended the Community Breakfast.

The event began with students from Ms. Amstutz’s third grade classroom who performed speeches regarding health facts about previous Presidents of the United States.  They even got to dress up!  Then the Robotics team of Dayton Elementary showed off their robot to the guests.  After guests had eaten, our guest speaker, Ms. Daria Dillard was invited to begin speaking. Ms. Stone is a Parent Advocate for Dayton Public Schools and she did an excellent job communicating the importance of community, parent, and student involvement in schools.  We were very happy to have had her come and speak at our Community Breakfast.  After a closing from the Superintendent of Dayton and Cincinnati region, Mr. Zengince, guests were invited to take a tour of Elementary School building given by the school’s Student Ambassadors.

The Horizon Science Academies in Dayton are focusing on building positive relationships with members of their Dayton community.  Holding events where community members are invited into the schools allows this relationship to be fostered.  The value is unmeasurable when community members, parents, school staff, and students work together to support schools.

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