Hobart Welding Visited Horizon Seniors

On Thursday, January 10th, Calvin Scharrer, a representative from Hobart Institute of Welding, visited Horizon Science Academy – Dayton High School to speak to senior students interested in trade schools and the welding profession in general. Hobart is a premier welding school located in Troy, boating the largest welding facility in the nation. It has been operational since the 1930s, and attracts students from all over the country and the world. 
Mr. Scharrer gave a presentation over the institute, focusing on the programs, which are 5.5 months or 9.5 months long, and which award a diploma, and 4 or 5 career and technical certifications (CTEs) respectfully. Hobart is an accredited college, so students can also use financial aid from the FAFSA towards program tuition, and are eligible to apply for scholarships. There are no ACT/SAT or GPA minimum requirements. 
Interested seniors will be visiting Hobart’s facility on January 25th, weather permitting. 

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