Friday Parent Breakfast

 It is a Horizon tradition that the Principal meets the parents in a small group at Friday parent breakfast. The first parent breakfast was on 9/8/2017. Parents provided really good feedback.

  1. Parents love the diversity in our school. It is very welcoming for everyone and besides, it is a very good exposure for a better transition when they finish the high school and go to college or pursue any career.
  2. This year HSA made a good strong start, much better than the last year. It is more peaceful. Parents felt a sense of better discipline and order. Now we need to keep it up until June.
  3. Parents love positive feedback. It truly makes them happy and encourages them towards being a good parent as a human. They may have all kinds of challenges in their lives and sometimes it is very overwhelming but just a quick phone call or a note from a teacher complimenting about how their son or daughter did well today would make a huge positive impact.
  4. Parents really like our teachers. They said they see more teachers with passion here than their previous schools.
They also suggested us to put a fence around the field for safety and an electronic billboard on the front side of the building for better communication. They even offered help for donations, fund raising, and getting estimates.













Parents had breakfast with Superintendent Mr.Efe on 9/22/2017


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