Forest Park Area Planning Public Meeting

Vibrant communities exude a strong identity or “sense of place”. Local residents remember the Forest Park Study Area as an entertainment destination of the past. The Forest Park Study Area had a long and rich history as an amusement park and later a shopping mall. During its heyday of the 1940s through the 1980s, residential and commercial development followed and the community prospered. Today’s commercial buildings and housing stock are largely the same buildings from decades ago, many of which have not seen reinvestment and have fallen into disrepair. The realities of fast-paced changes in demographics and market preferences have encouraged a lost sense of place and lack of reinvestment in the neighborhood. The planning effort is underway to transform this area. 

On Monday, January 29th, Horizon Science Academy hosted a community event. The event was focused
on the development of the Forest Park Area. There were public officials, development directors and
coordinators, and residents of Harrison Township present, about 85-90 people altogether. They
discussed the area of Forest Park where the development will occur along with ideas for the
development area. I heard ideas such as, a community center for our children, sidewalks to make
transportation easier for those who walk, restaurants, more natural development around the metro
parks, a movie theater, bowling alley, and other recreational ideas for our youth.
There will be a couple more meetings for the public to attend and get their voice heard on what they
would like to see in the development area. This is your chance to get your opinion heard. We can’t wait
to see everyone at the next one!

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