PTO-2nd meeting

On Monday, October 23rd, a group of excited parents gathered at Horizon Science Academy to discuss the launch of the very 1st PTO at the school.  This was the second meeting of this kind.  The first was held on Monday, October 16th.
Parents rallied together and agreed their role as leaders was to inspire other parents to become more involved and engaged at the school.   It was evident that each attendee was not only excited to be apart of this grassroots efforts but also about the possibilities for the future.
The Executive Board of the HSA PTO was established as a result of both meetings.   Parents have accepted the following roles:
President – Ruth Taylor
Vice President  Tara Chase-McCarty
Secretary – Angela Lawrence
Fundraising Ambassador – Mashonda Ellis
Volunteer Ambassador – Angela Winert
Communications Ambassador – LaToya Roinson
8th Grade Rep – Leslie King
10th Grade Rep – Michaela Medlock
1th Grade Rep- Betty Carr
The entire Executive Board will resume again on November 2nd at 6 pm to draft their policy and procedures and confirm Grade Reps for 6th, 7th, 9th and 12th.
First PTO
We are off to a great start! We are proud to announce that we had our first PTO meeting this Monday. We are hoping our newly formed PTO  will support our teachers and help us to improve school culture.
Just to highlight some stuff we accomplish in the first meeting:
We now have a President, Vice President and Communications Ambassador. We will be calling parents this week to invite them to another meeting next Monday, October 23rd, 2017Our goal at that meeting is to get at least one grade rep for each grade and to fill all of the other Executive Board member slots.
The first “Official Meeting” of the entire Board and Grade Reps will be Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 at 6 pm.  We will create and vote on By-Laws and the frequency of meetings etc. Dear parents, please call Mrs. Brooks at the front desk to join our PTO.