Dayton College Trip

Trip to the University of Dayton


On September 28, 2010, Ms. Zeliha  and Mr. Neary took twenty seniors to the University at Dayton for a college tour.

The trip included a one and a half hour tour of the campus, as well as many buildings, including classrooms, the library, dining halls, and even a dorm room.

Campus tours are a vital part of the college selection process. Students must feel comfortable at their college. Whether they prefer the school to be large or small, urban or rural, diverse or religion affiliated, they never truly know the school until they tour the campus and get a feel for it.

When the students first arrived at the University of Dayton, they were split into two groups and went on separate tours. When the tour ended, they met up and walked to one of the University’s dining halls for lunch. Then they left immediately after.

Everyone had mixed feelings about the trip. Nicole Cottrell felt the trip was a great experience and very informative about college life. Others, like Hakkimte Sun and Jamie Montgemery said , “It wasn’t my type of college” and “It’s too close to home… and their dorms are too small.”

Ms. Zeliha stated, “It was a good opportunity to get the feel of a private university. The tour guide was informative and the students asked good questions. The food was good, too, and the housing style was unique.”

This was just the first of many college trips the seniors will have the opportunity to attend this year. For more information on the University of Dayton or future tours, please contact Ms. Zeliha.


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