CYSP Parent Program

CYPS parent dinner program was held on October 5, 2017. Staff, students, parents and other guests, there were about 55 people in attendance. The program began with a welcome message from Principal Mr. Hakan.  Mr. Hakan reminded the parents that HSA is a public charter community school and parents involvement is vital. The program continued with a parent support video emphasizing how powerful parents are for their child’s education. Then keynote speaker Ms. Kim Jarvis addressed the parents about parent involvement. Mrs. Jarvis is the CEO of National parent academy and certified family&parent coach. Ms. Jarvis is also running “on purpose girls” program for the community. After the keynote speaker, Mr. Toprak-school’s CYSP coordinator introduced the CYSP program and had the parent play a quick quiz game.  It was fun. The program ended with Mr. Hakan’s closing statement. Mr. Hakan requested parent full support for the learning opportunities that HSA offers. When parents and the school work together we are more successful and a big “hope” for the future.

Parents also received informational packages for school’s other programs.