Best 7th Graders Had a Lunch With the Principal

Middle school teachers wanted to recognize top 7th grade students for their best academics and discipline during the first semester: These students are Demori White, Jaylen Fisher, China Kelley, Firuza Idrisova and Aureliah Hasan.  They received this special recognition because of followings:  They are higher achievers. They stand out as a leader with their positive attitude. They always have a smile on their face that brightens our classrooms. They are able to avoid class distractions and consistently work hard to achieve. They are overall  surpassing our expectations and achieving to their greatest potential.

Finally,  7th graders had a lunch with the school Principal Mr. Hakan and received “Above and Beyond” certificate. Good job 7th graders, keep up the good work.

7th grade lunch with the principal

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